CEO & Co-Founder

Lucien Krogel

Award-winning CEO & Co-Founder of OXYT, Lucien is a leader in customer service, talent development, and career coaching.

Lucien Krogel

About Lucien Krogel

Lucien Krogel, the driving force behind OXYT, is more than just its CEO & Co-Founder. He's a visionary with a passion for breaking down barriers and creating equal opportunities for all. Recognised as the "Most Influential CEO 2023 - London (Career Coaching)", Lucien's journey is a testament to his dedication to transformative growth in the realms of career coaching and business consulting.

His deep understanding of what makes a candidate shine has made him a go-to expert for CV writing, LinkedIn optimisation, and career coaching. But it's his unique blend of empathy and data-driven insights that sets him apart, enabling individuals to navigate their professional paths with confidence.

Lucien Krogel's Experience

Lucien's touch has been felt across the industry, from his innovative strategies at renowned companies like Deliveroo and Harrods to his transformative work at LoveHolidays and Direct Ferries. But it's at OXYT where his vision truly comes to life. Under his leadership, the company has seen remarkable growth, and clients have found unparalleled success.

His current collaboration with FLOCK showcases his ability to bring about strategic transformations, ensuring businesses are primed for growth. And while his achievements are many, Lucien's true success lies in the positive changes he brings to the lives of his clients.

Awards and Recognitions

In 2023, the title of "Most Influential CEO - London (Career Coaching)" was not just an award for Lucien but a recognition of his unwavering commitment to his mission. His work is not about accolades; it's about making a difference.

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