Oct 9, 2023

Want a salary boost? See the financial benefit of a professional CV rewrite!

Boost your earning potential! Explore how investing in a professional CV rewrite can supercharge your career and increase your salary.

Investing in a Professionally Written CV: A Game-Changer in Your Job Hunt

Imagine the most valuable investment you can make, one with returns that multiply exponentially throughout your career. This isn't a financial instrument, a property, or a cutting-edge tech stock, but something far more personal and impactful: your CV. Yes, that's right. A professionally written CV can, and often does, yield dividends beyond your wildest dreams.

In the ultra-competitive UK job market, the CV you submit can mean the difference between receiving that long-awaited call for an interview or sinking into the pile of forgotten applications. Here's the truth: investing in a professionally written CV isn't an expense; it's a strategic, high-return move.

Your CV: A High-Yield Investment

Numbers often speak louder than words, so let's break them down. The average UK salary hovers around £33,000 per annum in 2023. Now, imagine supercharging that figure by 7%, a proven increase in perceived candidate value, as shown in a study by TopResume. That's an extra £2,310 per year or an impressive £23,100 over a decade. And all this from a one-time investment of around £99 to £250 in a professionally written CV! We're talking about an extraordinary ROI here!

Let me share a personal story that will drive this home. Picture this: it's 2017, and I've just arrived in London, wide-eyed and eager to carve out a future. I landed an entry-level job, a humble starting point with an annual salary of £20k. Fast forward five years, and I've skyrocketed my salary by a whopping 300%!

How did I make this leap? It wasn't just luck or grit - though those certainly played a part. A significant catalyst in this journey was my ability to craft compelling CVs. These weren't just bland lists of jobs and education. No, they were professionally written narratives that helped me stand out in the crowd, confidently showcased my skills, and - here's the kicker - secured me higher-paying roles.

So, if you're asking yourself whether a professionally written CV can truly make a difference, let me assure you - it can, and it does! And I'm living proof of that.

A Professional Touch: Giving You the Edge

When you invest in a professional CV service, you're not just paying for a document. You're investing in a comprehensive package that transforms your personal brand and gives you a competitive edge. You're investing in your future.

Most of us wouldn't hesitate to splash out on the perfect interview outfit or a trip to the barber or salon before a big meeting. We understand that first impressions matter. Well, your CV is the first impression you give to potential employers, and it needs to shine just as brightly.

Consider this: recruiters spend an average of only six seconds scanning a CV. A professionally written CV, tailored to highlight your unique strengths and experiences, ensures that those six seconds count. It's like having a personal stylist for your career history, making sure everything fits perfectly and looks fantastic.

Closing the Confidence Gap

For women, a professionally written CV can be a particularly sound investment. Women are often more prone to the "gender confidence gap", meaning they might undervalue their achievements and undersell themselves when applying for roles and negotiating salaries. The Harvard Gazette highlighted this issue, demonstrating the disadvantage it can present. A professionally written CV can correct this bias, ensuring that your accomplishments are presented in their best light. Your CV is your passport to success, and it should represent you accurately and powerfully.

Securing Your Worth

The job market grows more competitive every day, and your CV needs to do more than just list your experience and qualifications. It needs to tell a compelling story, highlighting your career progression and unique personal brand.

A professionally written CV doesn't merely list what you've done; it demonstrates why your experiences and achievements are important and what unique qualities you brought to the table. This enhances your perceived value, making employers more willing to offer a competitive salary.

Unbiased and Unvarnished Advice

When you engage a professional CV writer, you're investing in more than just words on a page. You're investing in industry-specific knowledge and expertise. This will save you time and effort in understanding what employers in your sector are looking for.

Don't guess what an employer wants to see—know it. This inside knowledge can help you avoid common pitfalls and maximise your chances of landing the job you want.

The Bottom Line: Return on Investment

Consider this compelling data from TopResume: candidates with professionally-written CVs were perceived to be worth 7% more than those with self-written CVs. Moreover, job seekers who invested in a professional CV rewrite found jobs at a 32% higher rate than those who didn't. Astonishingly, 68% of those candidates secured a job within three months of having their CV professionally written, and 42% moved on to a higher-level position.

Now, let's put this into perspective. Imagine you’re eyeing a job that pays £40,000 a year. With a professionally written CV that increases your perceived value by 7%, that's an extra £2,800 in potential earnings. And remember, that's just for the first year! Over a decade, that's an additional £28,000. Not bad for an initial investment of £99 to £250.

Affordable Investment, Priceless Returns

The cost of a professionally written CV might be less than you think. Our professional CV writing packages start at a mere £150, and we even offer payment in instalments. Whether you're taking your first steps in your career or seeking a significant change, we have a package that's right for you.

Beware of low-cost offers that seem too good to be true. Remember, you get what you pay for. A quality service should include a cover letter and offer revisions. A superior service will even provide LinkedIn profile services.

Overcoming the DIY Dilemma

You might still be contemplating, "Why should I pay someone to write about what I already know?" We understand the scepticism. After all, who knows your skills and accomplishments better than you, right? While you may have a firm grasp on your professional narrative, crafting it into a CV that wins interviews requires a different set of skills.

Think of it this way: you might be an excellent driver, but that doesn't necessarily mean you can build a high-performance car from scratch. Similarly, even the most accomplished professionals can struggle with presenting their experiences in the most impactful way on paper.

Professional CV writers are akin to master architects. They take your raw materials - your skills, achievements, and experiences - and construct an impressive structure that stands out amidst the competition. They understand the nuances of recruitment, the subtleties of language, and the fine art of persuasion.

Unleash Your Potential

So, is a professionally written CV worth it? At OXYT, we don't just believe so; we know so! Our professional CV writing service has helped countless professionals land more interviews and get hired faster.

You have the skills, the experience, and the drive to succeed. Now let us help you showcase them in the best possible light. Invest in a professionally written CV today, and let us equip you with a powerful tool that will pay dividends throughout your career.

Your future is waiting, and it looks brighter than ever. Don't delay! Explore our CV writing packages at OXYT and take your first step towards your dream job today.

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